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Discount Stand Up Paddle Boards - Where To Buy Them

Stand up Paddle Boards (SUPs) are lightweight, buoyant, versatile, and easy to use all-terrain vehicle's used for water sports. The stand up paddleboard has a shallow diving board platform that provides the rider a natural sitting position. It is propelled by an electric motor. One of the major advantages of the stand up paddleboard is that they can be used almost anywhere because of their mobility. Most of the surfboards can not go in the ocean.

Amazons, or stand up paddle boards, can be found at many specialty stores, or on the internet. Amazon, one of the premier online retail stores sell the most varieties of SUP products. You can also buy these boards directly from Amazon. Amazon, along with other retailers, offer free shipping on many items, including Paddleboards.

Amazon offers the widest selections of inflatable paddle boards reviewed at These Paddleboards are made from a durable high-density polyethylene material. These boards have plastic strung straps and have a high pressure polyurethane foam bottom. They are available in six inches, seven inches, nine inches and ten inches. Amazon also offers a twenty-eight inch long paddle called the Calypso, which is geared for two people, the twenty-eight inch paddle has a suction cup tip so you can get close to the bottom without sinking. There is no need to tie down the paddle, it's easily swiveled in any direction.

Stand up Paddle Board companies sell Paddle Boards under several brand names including Oceanic Outrigger, Bearbug, Riverflow, Back Pack, Hydrofoil, and more. There are also companies that specialize in manufacturing and selling the Paddle Board specifically for outfitting kayakers and canoeists. These companies include Sport Paddleboards and Stand Up Paddle Board. They generally sell their Paddle Boards both online and at retail stores.

Stand up Paddle Boards come in two types - the inflatable (Foam Board) and the Stand Up paddle board (with or without the foam center fin). The Stand Up paddle boards can be used in the same places as the foam boards but the advantage of the stand up paddle board is that there is a non-flammable, non-abrasive surface. This allows paddlers to be mobile and gives them easier access to areas that would be hard to access with a foam board. The board's non-flammability also means that should a paddle go bad, it doesn't explode onto the water like the foam board would.

After selecting the appropriate Paddle, you must decide whether to buy a Paddle Board or a Stand Up Paddle Board. Stand Up Paddle Boards have become a very popular option because of their mobility, portability, and affordability. A typical Stand Up Paddle Board has between four and nine foot paddles and can be used on most surfaces including rivers, canals, lakes, and even sidewalks. Typically, these type of Paddle Boards are made from fiberglass, but you can find ones that are made from carbon fiber as well. They have an inflatable pontoon on the front so that when people paddle by, they are pushed to the surface of the water which takes the weight and pressure off their paddles.

With the popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boards, many companies have developed new versions of their Paddle Board products such as the Cloud 19 and the Cloud 25. These companies sell their products both online and in retail stores. Amazon has quickly become one of the best places to buy these products because of their huge selection and low prices. Other places that you can buy a stand up paddle board from include stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.

As you can see, buying stand up paddle boards at a discount or a wholesale price is possible. Before you decide where to buy from, make sure to do your research. Look at the Amazon reviews to see what people are saying about the brand that you are considering. Then shop around a bit at the other retailers to see if they have the same prices or if they have better deals. If you take the time to comparison shop, you can save a lot of money on your sup board costs.
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